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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Maple City idol performers to raise money for cancer patients

As painting business owners there are many opportunities to give back. (most painters have some kind of hobby or talent besides their painting skills)

Think about using them to get involved with your community to raise money for a good cause! Not only does it make you feel good it is great exposure for you painting business.

Read this great article about a house painter doing just that...


Maple City idol performers to raise money for cancer patients:

"One of Dunn’s biggest musical influences is Alan Jackson, the country star whose hits include “Where I Come From,” “Gone Country” and “Mercury Blues.”

“I like him because he’s a good family dude,” Dunn said, adding that “you never hear any garbage about him.” Another influence, he said, is country music hall of famer George Strait, whose tune “Give it Away” topped the charts this year.

Dunn, whose full-time job is running a painting business, said he likes to sing the kind of high-energy tunes that get the crowd revved up.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hustling for the holidays |

Here is a house painter that thinks outside the box! Check out this great idea for earning extra money with your painting business this holiday season! Enjoy.

Hustling for the holidays |

"If you're like Gwinnett resident Jerrod Andrews, you can start your own side gig. Just a few years after Andrews launched his interior design and painting business, clients asked if he knew someone who could string up the Christmas lights on their home.

'My first thought was 'What kids do I know who could do this?' ' says Andrews, now 27, who quickly realized that he could use the holiday money.

Now, in his third season, he charges about 50 cents per linear foot to hang lights. And that extra cash will not only provide gifts for his two sons, but will cover costs to finish remodeling his house."

Worcester Telegram & Gazette News

Worcester Telegram & Gazette News:

"Perreault, who has owned and operated his own painting business the past two summers...

The first year, Perreault’s branch earned more than $100,000 in sales;

last year, Perreault expanded the business by hiring four others to run branches. His branch earned more than $200,000 last summer.

He made this money working JUST THE SUMMER! Imagine what you can do running your painting business year round!

Monday, October 30, 2006

About Painting for Profits - How to Start a Painting Business

About Painting for Profits - How to Start a Painting Business:

"About Painting for Profits

The Painting for Profits system is all about maximizing profits and minimizing effort!

It is the definitive insiders guide to starting and growing a wildly profitable painting business."