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Monday, January 14, 2008

Consistency is Key to Success

I hope you decide to take action on the knowledge you are gaining during your information gathering phase…

Step #3: Be Consistent… Marketing is an ongoing process NOT a one time event!

The real key to building momentum is applying what you learn with consistency. Doing something once usually won’t give you the results you desire. You must consistently do the right things over and over until they become second nature.

Take marketing for example… Marketing is the life blood of your painting business; it is what you are and who you are. When you decide to start a painting business (or any business for that matter) you are no longer just a house painter, you are a business owner who paints.

…And being a business owner means you are a marketer. Why? Because unless you know how to market your painting business to get your phone ringing and keep a consistent flow of new customers coming in, then like it or not you don’t have much of a business.

One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing is that it is expensive. I guess I would agree, if your view of marketing only entails traditional advertising!

Unfortunately for most painting business owners marketing means placing a classified ad in the newspaper or yellow pages and then crossing their fingers and hoping the phone starts to ring. (Don’t hold your breath!)

As a business owner you need to begin to think creatively… You need to begin to become a student of business. By far the most successful painting business owners I have met regardless of the size of their business were constantly learning new and creative ways to market their business.

In 2007 I had the privilege of getting to know dozens of house painters and painting business owners personally - People from every walk of life and background using their painting skills to earn a good living being their own boss.

I talked to men and women, young and old, who have built thriving painting businesses…

Regardless of whether they were part time, one man shows or full time, multiple crew full service painting business they all had something in common...

Come back tomorrow I will reveal “The Painting Business Success Hierarchy” that helped each of them keep their schedules booked, and earn higher than average profits week after week, month after month all year long.

Have a great day!


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