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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is Your Painting Business Built on Quick Sand?

Quite often painters email me excited about starting their own painting business… They tell me all about how much experience they have in the trade or about how well they can paint.

Most of the emails look something like this:

Hello Andy, I have been painting for [insert # of years here]. I want to start my own business. I have most of the tools I will need but I don’t know how to get started, any suggestions?

Yup, here are some suggestions…

• Realize that good painting skills will not guarantee your success

Seriously, wipe that thought right out of your mind!

Now, I’m not saying that having good skills isn’t important to success, they are.

…but what I am saying is this:

When it comes to running your own painting business, it’s not how well you can paint that counts, it’s how well you can market your services and how profitably you can bid paint jobs.

If you don’t make absolutely sure that you have a rock solid understanding of how to keep a steady stream of customers calling you and the confidence to bid and estimate the jobs with accuracy – you are building your painting business on quick sand!

That is exactly why I have made the foundation of my #1- Rated Painting Business Building Success System – Painting for Profits all about:

• Giving you 16 incredibly powerful – low cost marketing techniques and strategies that are proven to get home owners to consistently pick up the phone and call you for an estimate. Everything is laid out in easy to follow step-by-step detail.

• Sharing my secret bidding and estimating formulas so you will have the confidence and know how to accurately and profitably bid paint jobs every single time.

…But no matter how great you can paint – if no one is picking up the phone and calling you for an estimate… and you don’t know how to properly bid paint jobs your painting business will collapse like a house of cards. It’s just that simple.

…And this isn’t just for beginners either! Even if you already have a painting business up and running you STILL need to make sure that you can keep a consistent flow of new customers calling and that you are landing the majority of the estimates you submit.

That is the only way to make sure your painting business is built on a solid foundation.

P.S. If becoming profitable and successful as a painting business owner only had to do with having great painting skills there would be a lot more rich painters out there.