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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why an Economic Downturn Can Be Good For Your Painting Business

There are a few businesses that seem to never be affected by an economic downturn…

…and if you are in the home improvement industry you are in luck, especially if you run or are planning on starting a painting business.

House painters and painting business owners are in luck because the skills they’ve developed are, for all intense and purposes, recession proof.

While it’s true that the larger new construction painting business owner will feel the pinch of a down housing market there are always other markets to service. When housing prices readjust the residential repaint market will be flooded with opportunity.

Even now, existing homes offer an unlimited opportunity during a slow economy, here’s why:

For one, a person’s home is often times the largest investment they will ever make…

So when property values fall, homeowners instinctively begin looking for ways to improve what they have. They seek out cost effective ways to increase the value of their home and painting is always at the top of the list.

Painting is also one of the first things a homeowner thinks about if they decide to put their house on the market for sale. A new coat of paint on everything makes the house visually appealing to perspective buyers.

When the economy changes the way it has it is vitally important to be prepared. Here are a few ways to get started:
  • Do your homework! Get to know your competition and what they are offering with their services…

  • Get very clear about how your services meet the customers needs and be able to communicate that to them.

  • Take time to brainstorm all the possible ways you can set your painting services apart from the crowd… Think of ways to make your painting services more appealing.

  • Brainstorm a list of incentives you can offer your customers. For example if you are painting the exterior of their house offer them a free gutter cleaning or window washing.
It’s not only important to prepare yourself you must also show passion for what you do!
  • Get your rap down – learn to get the homeowner excited about the painting project.

  • Help them visualize the finished project and the feeling they will get as they pull up to their freshly painted home.

  • Help them understand that the updated curb appeal will not only improve the look of their home but also increase the value as well.
Other ways to set your self apart could be:
  1. Keep a running list of references and testimonials…
  2. Create a portfolio of before and after pictures…
  3. Invite people to your web site to read about your services.
  4. Offer a coupon on your web site, etc.
Doing these kinds of things lend a lot of credibility and legitimacy to your painting services.

Remember happy customers talk to people! Learn to promise expectations and then always over deliver on that promise.

In this new economy your focus should be on building long term relationships with your customers… repeat business!

Don’t make the same mistake so many other painting business owners make and try to squeeze every last penny out of the customer on the first job.

Your goal should be to become “like family”. To become the painter of choice every time they or their family or friends need a paint job.

Before you know it you will be painting for the same group of people and their friends again and again year after year.