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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tip #2 of 3: “The POWER of offering your customers different pricing options”

One of the key secrets of successful painting contractors is their ability to meet and work within a customer’s budget. (READ THAT AGAIN)

One of the biggest mistakes you can make bidding paint jobs is to only offer one price! (I have a feeling that this tip is going to revolutionize a lot of painting businesses.)

Look, we all know that painting is a luxury and not a necessity and when most people decide to have painting done, they know exactly what their budget is going into the project. Of course there is always a little wiggle room, but not much, so if your price is way outside the budget range, it won’t even be considered.

Pay close attention because I’m about to give you the FIX…

For example:

Let’s say you are bidding on a job to refinish/reface a bunch of kitchen cabinets. As you know there is a lot of prep work for that type of job (hinge and hardware removal and replacement, etc.) as well as a multiple step process for getting a nice looking finish.

Let’s say the cost to have your company do ALL the work is $1500.00 which could be itemized on the bid contract. Unfortunately most contractors would go in and submit a bid with a single price of $1500.00, but the SMART contractor who offers pricing options, has a much better chance of landing the job.

Let me explain.

The average home owner knows how to use a screwdriver or drill… what if you offered some kind of discount or savings option, based on the home owner removing all the hardware and taking down the cupboard doors?

Imagine how much time that would save YOU if all you had to do was drive over and load the doors and drawers into your truck and leave!

I know for a fact that MOST people want to save the hundred + dollars by doing that part of the job themselves, and since you are the only contractor who is creative, kind and caring enough to offer such an option, more times than not, you will get the job.

There are many options you can offer, here are just a few:

  • Paint quality option
  • Multiple payment option
  • Room prep option (they move all the furniture and wall hangings, etc.)
  • Paint and supply pick up option (customer picks up the paint/supplies from store)

Giving prospects a way to save some money on their project is one of the BEST ways to stand out from the competition and save you a bunch of time.

When you are sensitive or empathetic to the budgetary needs of prospects right from the get go, it builds a sense of trust and as a bonus it makes it much easier to highlight the value of the higher priced offer.

I know this tip will serve you well. Please do share your success stories with me once you start applying this powerful pricing strategy!

The next post is tip #3 of 3 – “How to create instant loyalty using a simple ‘storyselling’ technique” and I’ll share my story about why I decided to create Painting for Profits.

Now go market your painting business,

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