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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Increase Good Will and Boost the Profits of Your Painting Business

5 Easy Ways To Increase Good Will And
Boost The Profits Of Your Painting Business

This past year has been very tough… Sure you may have stayed consistent, but has your business grown?

Now with the approaching fall/winter/holiday season right around the corner (here in North America) anxiety and stress levels are rising for many painting business owners as they try to schedule as many late season jobs as they can, in order to stay afloat through the upcoming slow season.

With that in mind, here are five quality tips to help you increase good will and boost profits for your painting business.

  1. Follow up with past customers and past “no’s” and make them a specific offer or a special promotion.

    Very few painting contractors ever follow up with past customers, let alone the people who didn’t accept their bid… BIG mistake.

    Did you know by doing regular past customer follow up, you can add up to 20-30% profits to your bottom line?

    It’s true! And one of the main reasons is because it doesn’t cost anything to advertise to these people. (Other than your time)

    Create a simple email or better yet, call them up on the phone and find out if they, or anyone they know needs any last minute work done.

    If nothing else, you are creating good will by following up. If they say they don’t need any additional work done this season, ASK THIS QUESTION:

    What is the next painting project you will want to focus on for NEXT YEAR? (I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what to do with that information come next spring… right?)

    This is just one of the strategies outlined for you, (step-by-step with examples and scripts) in Painting for Profits.

  2. Create Good Will by supporting local business… Give customers a thank you gift card after each job.

    One of my favorite ways to create Good Will is to support local restaurants. NOT chain/franchise restaurants, but LOCAL mom and pop places.

    If you haven’t spent any time talking to (networking with) local business owners, you aren’t doing your job and you certainly aren’t growing your business “the easy way.”

    It is simple to have local restaurants, hardware stores, ice cream shops, etc. DONATE a few gift certificates for you to give away to your customers as a thank you gift once the paint job is complete.

    AND more times than not, you will get additional business because the owners of these places will refer your business whenever they hear of someone who needs painting.

    This is an example of a classic Joint Venture situation and it is one of the most powerful strategies for growing your painting business in this slow economy.

    Again, I outline the entire process for finding and creating Joint Venture partnerships (step-by-step with examples and scripts) in Painting for Profits!

  3. Volunteer to collect food or clothes for needy families in your area.

    Another way to create Good Will and raise awareness about your painting business is to do a good deed!

    Over the course of a month, you can collect food or clothes from customers and donate them to your local Salvation Army store or food pantry.

    Create an offer something like this: Donate a bag of groceries (Or clothes) and get $100 off your paint job…

    Once all the goods are collected, get your crew (or family) together and deliver them to the charity of choice.

    Not only does it feel good to make a difference, it is something people REMEMBER and it WILL set your painting business apart from all the others!

  4. Get involved with or create a community event that brings people together.

    It’s a GREAT time of year for attending or creating a community event!

    In fact, if your city or town is anything like mine, there are already dozens of them happening all around town.

    It’s easy to get involved too… and doing so will create a lot of awareness about your business!

    If you go to your local government web site, there is usually a link on the homepage that says “Events” or “Community Events” click on it to pull up a list of fairs, festivals, parades, etc.

    Make a call to the person listed as the organizer or coordinator and ask what you can do to get involved.

    Consider volunteering for clean up or set up duties. Take your entire crew or family to the event wearing your company t-shirts…. Hand out business cards, fliers, pens or pencils with your company name and number on them.

  5. Start using free publicity – get into the habit of writing and submitting monthly press releases.

    Nearly every tip I have given you above lends itself to getting free publicity! EVERY time your company does something “Newsworthy” you should be firing off a press release.

    When people see your name in the newspaper or on the local news for being involved with something that benefits the community, you are automatically seen as the expert, and it WILL pay off big time in the growth of your business.

    Again, I give lots of detailed examples and templates inside Painting for Profits!

Any of the proven tips I’ve shared with you will boost Good Will and profits for your business!

If you would like to have a step-by-step blueprint for applying these strategies (and MANY others) you should get your hands on a copy of Painting for Profits RIGHT NOW.


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