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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Painting Business Success ~ Fast! A Simple 3 Step Process

There is nothing wrong with fast success! In fact it is quite easy to get off to a fast start even if you are just getting started…

Here is the first step in a simple proven three step process for getting your painting business off to the fastest start possible. (Or sparking new life into your existing painting business that may be just limping along.)

  1. Step # 1 – The Information Gathering Phase: Knowledge gives you Power!

Arguably the first and most important step in starting or growing ANY business is the information gathering phase.

Unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked… If you want to succeed at anything, the first thing to do is find people who are already successful and duplicate their actions.

For example: It is really easy for me to teach house painters how to start and grow a successful painting business because I have done it myself, but when I decided to create Painting for Profits and make it available online I had no idea how to do it.

The first thing I did was research and gather information about what it takes to successfully market my book online.

I spent hours sifting through course after course and I invested Thousands of dollars purchasing and applying systems taught by people who were already successful as online marketers.

Needless to say because I took this first step, “Gather Information” I saved myself an untold amount of time and frustration trying to figure it out on my own.

It is no different for house painters who want to start their own business. Sure you know how to paint (Or you know someone who does) but do you know how to locate and bring in a consistent flow of jobs?

Do you know how to bid and estimate the jobs to ensure a high close rate and higher than average profits?

What about hiring employees or keeping good records? There is a lot of knowledge to gain before you just jump right in.

Investing a few hours and a few hundred dollars in the beginning will put you way ahead of the competition and give you the confidence to take action, knowing that the actions you take are going to produce predictable profits.

I will reveal step 2 tomorrow!


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