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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Painting Business Tips: Articles and Information for Painting Business Owners

Painting Business Tips: Articles and Information for Painting Business Owners:

"Publicity for Your Painting Business

By: Andy Thompson

Painting business owners who want to get great exposure for their business while creating goodwill within their community should consider joining their neighborhood mobile watch program.

Most painting business owners are small owner operated businesses run out of the home. These kinds of small business usually have many types of accounts from residential, commercial and even some new construction. The jobs only last a day or two each then it’s off to the next one. "


Anonymous Jared Coll said...

This is more of a question than a comment,having no prior excperiance bidding painting jobs and i would like to learn the in and outs,of pricing correctly and what I am pricing for. e.g.(materials,labor,etc)
Any information you have on this please send me an E-mail at Thank you for your time
Jared Coll

6:21 AM  
Blogger Painting Business Professor said...

I have put together a system for how to bid residential interior and exterior paint jobs.

you can read more about it here

9:43 AM  

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