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Friday, October 09, 2009

Hey Painting Business Owners - I Dare You to GIVE More!

It's not too often but some days I wake up feeling like S!@#...

Not for any one reason in particular, but because I feel like I've been working so hard to deliver good quality usable content that helps painting business owners make more money... work less hours... and have more fun and fulfillment running their business...

And I wish I had time to do more or that things would happen faster then they are!

Today started out that way, until I got into the office this morning and waiting there on my desk was a press release about a painting contractor in Chicago, who despite the set-backs the recession has brought to his business... He is still giving back!

What an inspiration! I have never met this man before but I jumped right on the phone and fired off a call to him to say thank you.

The article talked about INTEGRITY and how it is defined by what we do when no one else is looking.

It talked about how rare it is to see acts of generosity during times when the giver most likely wouldn't get something back in return.

The article reminded me exactly why I write this blog and send out our "Painting Contractors Perspective" Newsletter...

I understand that this winter/holiday season is going to be tough for a lot of painting business owners and I want to make sure every independent painting contractor makes it through.

That's why I've been giving away so many proven tips and usable content...

In fact, just last month alone we had hundreds of painters email us questions and letters of appreciation for the work we have been doing.

Is it enough? We don't think so. Not by a long shot...

That's why we are re-doubling our efforts during this last quarter of 2009 to insure that we can help as many people as possible BLAZE into 2010 focused and ready to reach their goals!

So here is my challenge to YOU... I Dare You to GIVE More... to your customers... to your family... to YOURSELF!

NOW is the time to dig in and put forth the extra effort... keep pushing forward... keep improving your attitude and mind set... crystallize your vision and belief to achieve it!

Remember, you are not alone, because we are with you every step of the way! Send in your questions... Tell us your story... and work every day to better your best!


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