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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Painting Business Card Tips

I just picked up my first batch of painting business cards for 2010 and I'm really happy with them...

As many of you know I am in a growth stage of my painting business (despite the dreadful Michigan economy)

Economists say the recession is over and the economy is on the mend, so right now is the best time to lay the foundation and position ourselves to gain market share.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you begin to
design your painting business card

  1. First impressions are crucial, so be sure your painting business card is not too cluttered.

    Keep it easy to read and don't use too many graphics... It's okay to include your logo but try to stay away from using graphics for the sake of filling up space.

  2. Keep the look and feel of your painting business card consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

    Use the same font, colors, etc., doing so will help create a consisten look, which is important to making your painting business brand memorable.

  3. Include a slogan or tag line that is catchy and describes your business. Keep it short and make it benefit rich...

  4. DO NOT waste the space on the back of your painting business card by printing calendars, sports schedules or anything else that will be obsolete some time down the road.

    Use that important space to MAKE A BENEFIT RICH OFFER! For the love of GOD, GIVE PEOPLE A REASON TO CALL YOU!

    An offer that works GREAT for a lot of my clients is (And this is a HUGE tip, I'm giving you FREE of charge) "Get A FREE Paint - Paint Job" CALL NOW!

    You will have to come up with your own specifics for that offer.

  5. Be sure to include your web site address and email address.

    Think about running a contest on your web site and using the back of your painting business card to promote it.

Okay, these five tips should help you make your painting business card much more powerful.

In fact it will turn an ordinary painting business card into a Powerful lead generating BENEFIT card.

Have a great day!


Blogger Unknown said...

very helpful thanks

2:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

very very helpful, thanks!

2:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

thank you!!!

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Thanks Andy! I've recently opened my own painting company in Charlotte NC and your blog posts have helped me get it off the ground!

Please keep up the awesome posts!

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Painter in Riverside said...

Mager helpful, great job!!

10:58 PM  

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