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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GRATITUDE: An Amazing Way to Attract New Business

Last night I received an email that really made me think...

The person began by telling me how wonderful his business was doing a few years ago and how now, he was hardly making ends meet.

He told me that he was painting over 200 jobs per year 'back in the day' and now he will be lucky if he paints 100 jobs this year.

This person has a past customer list of 300 people (minimum) and I wondered to myself how many times over the last two years he has 'reconnected' with any of them to ask if they or anyone they know need painting done.

My guess is very few... if ever!

It's a fact that a 'first time customer' is the most expensive customer to get...

Once you have worked for someone and they were happy with your services, it's easy to work for them again and again, IF you have a follow-up system that allows you to stay in touch.

Here is a simple phone script that will help you reconnect with your past customers in a way that isn't pushy or intimidating...

This one tip could be worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you if you take action and do it!

**If you have a hang-up with talking to customers on the phone, get over it, it's part of being a business owner...


Hello Mr./Mrs. Past Customer, this is Andy from Andy's Quality Painting, how are you today?

I know it's been a while since I have contacted you, are you still enjoying (the room or job you painted)? Great.

Listen I know you are busy so I wont keep you, I just wanted to give you a call today to tell you how grateful I am to have you as a customer and I'm wondering if you or anyone you know needs any painting done?

If yes: Collect all of the details and say thank you.

If they say no, say:

No problem, but before I let you go I just want to tell you to keep your eyes open for the letter I am sending out this week. It will arrive in a bright (COLOR) envelope and it details our NEW Referral Rewards Program...

Think of it as a Andy's Quality Painting Stimulus Package. I don't have time to go into all the details right now but we are (PUT YOUR OFFER HERE)

for example
: buying dinner at a local restaurant for anyone who refers us work.

It was really nice talking to you again and remember to look for the bright COLORED envelope in your mail box. Thank you for being such a loyal customer!


Next, send out a short letter outlining the details of your referral offer... You may also want to put some kind of promotional item (like a pen or magnet) in the envelope... People love lumpy mail!

There you go, a simple 30 second reconnect phone call that puts your painting business back on their radar!

You can follow that up next month with a letter telling them about how much people are enjoying the restaurant gift cards and how easy it is to earn them for themselves.

Reconnecting with past customers can generate a lot of new business yet VERY FEW painting contractors actually do it.

Are you brave enough to pick up the phone and give this tip a try?

If so please leave a comment and tell us about your success.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,
Great job you're doing and I want to thank you. I have an estimating question: "How do you estimate kitchen cabinets?
I thank you greatly for your time. I love the book. Yes, I am a happy owner of "Painting for Profits". Look forward to your response. Moon

8:27 PM  

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