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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ATTENTION Painting Business Owners: Cute & Fancy Yard Signs Do Not Sell!

Walking around the neighborhood the other day I saw a few yard signs for various home improvement business... (Roofer, Gutter and siding and a small builder)

Each of these three signs had the businesses logo, multiple colors and different fonts. They were very cute and fancy which would be great if "Cute & Fancy" sold... but it doesn't!

Sure it may look cool and there is no doubt that it costs more to have signs made using multiple colors and different fonts, but in the long run those cute and fancy embellishments REDUCE call response.

The purpose of using signs to market your business is to get people to call you, right? They are suppose to be lead generators, NOT EGO BOOSTERS, for the business owner.

Here is a PROVEN simple, straight forward sign layout formula, that will increase the call response from your signs.

  1. Keep a clean look and feel - Use ONE color background and ONE color for the text and ONE font. Simple? yes... Beautiful? Not really... Effective? EXTREMELY!

  2. Deliver a CLEAR Message - You should think of your signs as a small direct response ad! Only include the important information which is, the name of your business, your contact phone number, a benefit and a strong call to action.
Here is tried and true - proven - call generating yard sign copy:

Let's say you use a standard 18 x 24 white corrugated plastic sign printed with black ink...

Another Quality Paint Job By


(123) 456.7890

Free Estimates - CALL NOW

This simple yard sign laid out and copy will pull better than a three color, three font, yard sign that costs three times as much.

Does it look as nice? No... However it has been proven countless times to generate 2-3 times the amount of calls!

Two VERY important things I have to mention:

First - Your contact phone number needs to be the largest and most visual feature on the sign...

Second - Your phone number needs to be NO SMALLER than 3" in order to be read by passing cars.


  • Signs are a marketing tool for lead generation - NOT ego boosters...
  • Keep a nice clean look and feel (One color background, One color text, One font)
  • Simple clear message (Phone number as the largest feature and a strong call to action)
There you go... You now have a winning formula for yard sign marketing! Let me know how it works out for you...


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