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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Running Your Own Painting Business Requires Personal Accountability

You never really understand how easy you’ve had it painting (or working) for someone else until you venture out on your own…

Don’t get me wrong, the benefits of owning your own painting business far out-weigh the effort you will put in to build it.

The first and most important step to becoming a successful self employed business owner is to become accountable to your self. When you make the decision to start a painting business you gave up the “check your brain at the door” mindset and become the sole judge and jury.

That is a good thing… When you hold yourself accountable and set a higher standard then anyone else does, things start to take shape quickly.

Here is a short list of what are considered ‘Top Priority’ when you become the person in charge of the success of your painting business

  1. Mindset – What you think about matters (A LOT)! Develop a ‘can do’ mindset and stop wasting time on things that are beyond your control.There are hundreds of great books and courses on how to develop the proper mindset. Reading five to ten minutes a day right when you wake up in the morning will condition your mind for success and keep you moving in the right direction.

  2. Goal Setting – Knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there requires thought and an organized plan of action.The first step is to begin by creating your ideal painting business on paper… Think about every aspect as you want it to be once everything is said and done. Don’t make the mistake and only set financial goals. The money you make will be a bi-product of setting specific and reachable goals.

  3. Consistent Action – As painters we love the instant gratification that our profession offers, but things don’t always happen as fast as we would like when just getting started.

Keep in mind that building a successful long term painting business is accomplished through a series of stepping stones that are continually repeated and refined until they produce the desired results.

Marketing for example, is an ongoing process not a one time event…

You market to make your phone ring… Next you bid the paint job and write the estimate… Then you produce a quality finished paint job… Finally you follow up to attract more business… Then rinse and repeat!

When you hold yourself accountable to these three simple stepping stones –

  1. Create the proper mindset
  2. Set ambitious yet reachable goals
  3. Take consistent action

You will defiantly be moving your painting business in the right direction.


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