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Saturday, August 08, 2009

NEW Newsletter Format Just About Ready

I just wanted to post a quick heads up about our new Newsletter format...

It's going to be called "The Painting Contractors Perspective" and be sent out weekly. It wont be one of those long winded 2000 word newsletters that drone on and on, but rather short to-the-point tips that you can immediately apply to your painting business.

It's going to be an 'interactive' newsletter so I'm counting on you to give feedback and dialog with us... so feel free to send in your comments, topic suggestions and/or questions. (we will reply).

It's the only way to be sure that we cover the topics that YOU need to know about.

For example: What format would you prefer the newsletter be delivered, written or audio? (or both).

Let us know!

Is Your Painting Business Targeting The Right Neighborhoods?

One of the most important first steps to creating a marketing campaign that will make you money is to spend some time picking out the right neighborhoods to target...

You want to look for neighborhoods that other professionals are targeting. Read that sentence again because it will save you a lot of time and money.

Ask yourself:

What neighborhoods are the TOP Realtor s, Interior Decorators, Builders, etc. farming? (framing is a term Real Estate Agents use for marketing to a specific area.)

What neighborhoods contain the highest income households?

What areas are the homes selling the best?

Asking these kinds of questions will lead you to the right neighborhoods.

Once you decide on an area, it's time to decide HOW you will market to them (fliers, door hangers, intersection & pole signs, etc.) AND what your marketing message should be. (More on that in the next post.)

For now be sure to spend some time narrowing down your target neighborhoods.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Competing On Price Is A One Way Ticket To The Poor House.

We receive emails all the time saying something to the effect that "Low ball painters are driving down prices and the only way to compete is to drop my rates!!!"

Sometimes the people who send those emails are bent out of shape and yell at me like it's my fault. However I am always nice when I reply back and I usually offer a tip or two to help combat the dreaded "Low Ball Offer".

If you are having trouble with painters in your area driving prices down I offer these suggestions.

1. Consider targeting a different market or neighborhood.

2. Begin to add more value to the services you offer - For example a 1-2 year written warranty.

3. Associate your business with a local cause or charity.

4. Narrow the focus of your promotions and sharpen up your marketing message.

5. Brainstorm ways to tighten up your brand and image.

In future blog posts we will look at each of these suggestions in a bit more detail.

Leave me a comment about what kind of challenges you are experiencing in your market right now and what you are doing to overcome them.

Good News For Painting Business Owners...

The economy is starting to show signs of recovery...

We have had three consecutive months of higher new home sales and increased property values. Are we out of the woods yet? Who knows, but it's a good sign!

There is defiantly a lot of opportunity right now.

As painting business owners, it's important to start taking action and concentrating on positioning our business to capitalize on the re-emerging residential housing market.

A simple low cost way to start doing that right now is by reconnecting with past satisfied customers. A simple one page letter, email or even a quick phone call to let them know you are there to help with painting needs.

...and then take it one step further and start sending out (or emailing) a simple monthly newsletter.

I'll post some ideas for newsletter content in future posts, but for now, brainstorm creative ways to reconnect with past customers again... and take action.

We're Baaaaack!

It's been a while since I posted on this blog.

For the last nine months I've been "digging in" and developing an all new marketing concept to help painting business owners position their business during this "economic readjustment" and beyond.

I'm really excited to start sharing some of the new tips, techniques and strategies with you.