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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Proven Low Cost Ways To Promote and Market Your Painting Business On A Budget

Marketing and promoting your painting business does not have to be expensive or even that sophisticated, in fact here are a few low cost, results driven ways to get the phone ringing!

These simple yet powerful techniques will help you spice things up and keep your marketing efforts fun and exciting... and most importantly get the phone ringing more often.

  • Use co-op advertising - getting the word out about your quality painting services using traditional advertising can be a costly expense. Contact the local paint store(s) or product manufactures and tell them you will promote their product and/or business if they help pay a small % of the cost. Co-op advertising is a win - win situation.

  • Send out press releases to get free publicity if something your painting business does is news worthy - Did you donate your extra surplus paint to your local Habitat for Humanity chapter?... Send out a press release. Did your painting company help cover up graffiti at the local school?... Send out a press release. ALWAYS be brainstorming ways to create news worthy press release and keep sending them out!

  • Incorporate your painting business brand and image into your vinyl or magnetic vehicle signs, yard signs, intersection signs and pole signs - Job site signage is a VERY POWERFUL, low cost marketing strategy. You want to make sure that all of your signs have a synergistic look and feel... doing so will help create a brand and image people will easily recognize.

  • Use email marketing as a way to keep in touch with past customers - You do collect an email address from EVERY home owner that you do an estimate for... Don't you? If not make a promise to yourself that you will stat now! Email marketing is a fast, easy and FREE way to keep your painting business on their mind. You can even make special offers to home owners that didn't accept your bid, and let them know you want the chance to earn their business.

  • Write simple articles about paint jobs you have just completed and post them on your web site - Posting "keyword rich" articles about your local area and linking them from your web site is a great way to search engine optimize your web site. This proven strategy will also help build credibility for your painting business.

  • Write a personal letter to past satisfied customer and ask them to tell their friends and family about your painting services - developing a referral program is as easy as sending a thank you letter after a job is completed. Tell the customer that you appreciate their business and tell them every time they refer a friend or family member about your painting services and you land a job, you will send them a thank you gift. (The gift could be anything from a referral check, restaurant gift certificate or movie pass, etc.) This simple strategy can bring you tons of potential new customers!

  • Hire a "Marketing Minion" two days a month to put out fliers or door hangers around targeted neighborhoods - It's easy to find a college student or retired person to spend a few hours walking around nice neighborhoods passing out marketing materials. Hiring someone to do this for you a couple times a month allows you to focus your time, energy and effort on money making tasks like building relationships and selling paint jobs.
There are lots of ways to drum up business on a budget. Get creative!

Please post a comment and let us know some creative ways you've been using to keep the phone ringing.

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