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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Twist On An Old Saying About House Painters

If you have been in the house painting trade for any length of time I'm sure you're familiar with the old saying:

"Painters Are A Dime A Dozen
But A Good One Is Hard To Find"

For the most part from my perspective, that saying rings true. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of really good painters/painting businesses working in the field but very few of them know how to "Get Found".

To me this saying has more to do with "Marketing Skills" than it does with "Painting Skills".

I like to say:

"Painters ARE A Dime A Dozen
But Good One's Make Themselves EASY To Find"

Listen, if you have honed your painting skills to the point where you are considering going into business for yourself, then the two most important thing to focus on are marketing your painting services and bidding paint jobs (making sales) because without these two things there is simply no painting to be done.

...In the end, if you don't know how to get the phone ringing or profitably bid paint jobs it 'don't' rally matter much how good your painting skills are.

Very few house painters who make the leap into their own business take the time to bone up on "the business side of the painting business". Those that do have a much, MUCH higher success rate.

One thing I always suggest to new painting business owners is to "become a student of business" and even more important than that... become a student of "Marketing Your Painting Services."

Don't just test the waters, hoping you will succeed through trial and error... Go in with the mindset that you will DOMINATE your market right out of the gate! (and then begin to gain the knowledge you need to make it happen.)

So many painting business owners settle for competing on price simply because of lack of knowledge.

Obviously you are different because you are on this "Painting Blog" and are actually taking the time to research and educate yourself. I celebrate your ambition and entrepreneurial spirit!

The successful painting business owners who thrive (regardless of the economy) are those who have taken the time to learn how to market and bid paint jobs. They research the local competition and have figured out ways to give themselves a unique advantage.

Success isn't guaranteed just because you go into business for yourself... or because you have outstanding painting skills... however it can be a whole lot more predictable and possible when you gain the knowledge and follow the same systems that other successful painting business owners have.

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