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Monday, August 10, 2009

Your Customers DON'T Care About You & Your Painting Business!

One of the hardest thing about selling painting services, and heck, one of the hardest things about life in general, is we often forget others don't particularly share our passion about our skills and trade.

For instance, if you are really great at cutting a razor sharp edge or using the newest airless sprayer, for example... if you live and breath this stuff to the point where you know all about every new product, what's new in 'green' eco-friendly paints... and even what colors work best in which rooms... it's hard for you to understand that there are home owners out there who could care less about painting.

Who don't even know what an airless sprayer is, for that matter. Yet you may be spending two or three hours a day reading about these things and discussing them on forums online. And when you are immersed in things like this it's hard to fathom that there are others out there who are so unaware, right?

Well, this is the same handicap many painting contractors suffer from when it comes to selling their services to the home owner.

See, no one, including your customers, cares nearly as much about your business or skill-set the way you do.

...And so when you're out there in their homes trying to sell prospects your painting services, you need to sell them the end result and the solution they are looking for, NOT "how good you are" at cutting, rolling or spraying.

This is sometimes a hard pill to swallow because you have immersed yourself in becoming the best at what you do -- it's hard to imagine anyone, especially your customers, not sharing or appreciating the pride of ownership you have, about how skilled you are and how competent your work is.

But trust me, they don't appreciate it, because it's not their focus or passion.

They hire you and buy your painting services because of the results you deliver... and nothing more!

No one cares you have spent years (Sometimes decades) becoming the best painters and/or business owner... refining and practicing your skills and marketing strategies. And quite frankly, why should they care. Those were your decision, the same way it was your decision to go into business for yourself rather than work for someone.

These were your decisions, or your problems, even. And in sales, you should never make... your problems... the customer's problems.

Sell results, solutions & the end benefits and your customers will hear your message loud and clear.


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