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Monday, October 05, 2009

October Is Here - It's GOAL Setting Time for Painting Contractors

Here in Michigan fall has blown in... The leaves are beginning to change and there is a definite chill in the air. Yep, Summer is over and the holidays are just around the corner.

For many painting contractors, it's goal setting season! It's time to look back over the year and evaluate what went right and what needs improvement.

Some of you may be saying, hold on a second it's only October, we still have to get through the winter months before worrying about next years goals...

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven't made your plans for the end of the season yet, you are a bit behind the curve.

You see, as business owners we need to think (and plan) ahead... If you wait until January 1st to set goals for the New Year, you don't have any time to create momentum.

Setting goals for the next year in October, November and December allow you to know what actions you are going to take to kick off the new year "in stride".

Right now is the best time to decide how next year will be different than this year.

For example: If you spent much of this year complaining about the economy or competition then you should begin to think of more creative ways to overcome those problems next year.

Here are some areas to think about, that can make 2010 much more profitable and a lot less stressful then 2009...
  • Stop using excuses - Focus on positive things that are within your control and stop worrying about stuff you can't control.

  • Put your plan in writing - It's not good enough to have your goals in your head, they MUST be written down on paper and read daily.

  • Double your marketing efforts - Hand out more business cards, flier more neighborhoods, Send out more post cards, write more press releases...

  • Start a monthly newsletter - This is a great way to keep your painting business in front of past customers.

  • Design seasonal promotions - Create them and have them ready to go so all you have to do is send them out when the time rolls around.

  • Fine tune your referral program - Create or rethink your referral program... Work with a local restaurant owner on a 2-for-1 offer...

  • Improve your customer experience - Brainstorm ways to give more value to your customers.

  • Raise your rates 10% - This is the fastest way to increase revenue immediately!

  • Put a shine on your brand and image - Put new vinyl graphics on your vehicle... work with us to develop nice clean looking signs and t-shirts... Incorporate that clean look and feel on all of your written corespondents.

  • Invest in (or improve) your web site - Add an email collection box or audio interview

  • Redesign your business card (put an offer on the back) - Put a "New Customer" discount offer on the back of the business card.

  • Spend some time doing competition research - Find out what other painting contractors are doing and emulate or improve on their strategies.
EVERY painting business needs improvement (including mine) that's why goal setting is so important.

We have a ton of improvements to implement in our local painting business as well as our online and consulting business... 2010's focus is on GROWTH and expansion!

Knowing what those plans are NOW, before the New Year starts will help ensure that we are moving in the right direction and building momentum for 2010.

Tell us what goals you're going to set, that will help make 2010 your best year ever? Leave us a comment.


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